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Wuake Update

Posted in Uncategorized on January 14, 2011 by chaosincarnate

Seeing as I had a hell of a time finding a good windows version of Guake, I was pretty happy finding Wuake. Since it is running on an older version of Console2, I wanted to update it so that I could have the tabs on the bottom like I wanted, and I wanted to change the keyboard shortcut to something that didn’t clash with Eclipse. Since the download comes with the source, it was trivial to make the small tweaks.

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The Battle of the Browsers, redux

Posted in Uncategorized on June 14, 2009 by chaosincarnate

So, after my previous post, I got my desktop hooked back up to the internet, and subsequently went back to Chrome. There were a few factors in this, the biggest one was the raw speed differential. And on an already pretty crappy connection, it compounded the difference. Adding a second or two to a half-second loading time is a big deal, but adding a second or two to a two or three second loading time is a much more noticeable slowdown.

But, with Firefox 3.5 in beta, I figured I’d give it another spin. Chrome is still faster, I think, but it’s cut the difference by a huge margin. Enough that the extensions and customization gets to be a major motivator for switching browsers back.

Only this time, I went into much more customization details. So, I have a pretty tricked out browser. Here’s a rundown of my extensive tweaks so far.

Keyword Bookmarks

This is courtesy of LifeHacker. It’s an old article, but still the best example I’ve seen of how to do it. There’s a link in there to another article about keyword searches, which I also have set up.

I’ve pimped out Feedly before, but it’s worth mentioning again. It’s the mother of all RSS readers.

A high-speed download manager, integrated with Firefox? Sold.


I’ve actually mostly yanked this one, so it’s not in the chrome of my browser all the time. But, I do throw it on from time to time when the weather’s bad.

This just makes it a lot easier for me to set up keyword bookmarks.

This is a chrome-style button dropdown menu I really like. I’ve got my bookmarks, speed dial and menu buttons all on the right of the location bar, and no bar above it.

I’m even writing this from ScribeFire. It’s a really nice blog editor, built into Firefox. Plus, it beats most of the external editors I’ve seen. The only bad thing about it is the lack of keyboard shortcuts for common tasks not already taken by other Firefox tasks.

A twitter client. It’s nice and small when you’re not using it, but hit your keyboard shortcut, and it pops right out. Handy, that.

Sure, it’s mostly pointless eye candy. But, the ability to pull your tabs out into an interesting preview quick-switch mechanism is pretty cool. And, by looking at the tabs, it’s a lot easier to quickly switch to the tab you want.

My New Year’s Resolution:

Posted in Uncategorized on January 2, 2009 by chaosincarnate

Try to post more. That, and add more content besides just ranting. I’ve had a few interesting things happen in the last 6 months (Which is largely why this blog has not been posted to, truth be told.) Like, I live in Boise now. Oddly enough, the Boise metro is a lot bigger than where I used to live. (Lincoln, Nebraska).  But, there should be lots more shiny stuff coming this year.