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The Saga of the Homeless Hacker, Pt. 1

Posted in The Saga of the Homeless Hacker on March 8, 2009 by chaosincarnate

In 19 hours, I’ll be homeless. So, my girlfriend and I have spent the last 48 hours cleaning and packing madly. In addition to that, I’ve been re-assembling my bag of tricks, largely to keep myself entertained. Fortunately, we have a fast connection.

I’m not too worried, however. Well, not about myself. We’re going to stay with some of my Girlfriend’s friends for awhile. Mostly, I’m worried about my cat. We’ve got food, we can get him water, and we can improvise a litterbox, but he’ll still likely be all cooped up in my car for awhile. On the bright side, it’ll give me an excuse to walk my cat, something that gets some really funny reactions out of people.

I’m actually not as worried as I thought I’d be. After my court date, I was really really stressed and freaking out… then I had one of those moments of clarity, where I realized everything was going to be ok.

Truthfully, it’s kind of liberating. I’ve got decent internet through my phone wherever I go, (The Treasure Valley in Boise has a really good EDGE network), plus, it works well enough that I still get calls and SMS (Even email!) while it’s tethered.

I’ve also got a couple of contract gigs, which adds a little bit to the war chest. (Plus, pizza on the job!)

This is going to be a running series for awhile, so stay tuned. If nothing else, it gives me a reason to post everyday, or close to it.

For the Curious:

My bag of tricks (One standard size beat-up backpack.) consists of: 

  • My laptop (With standard cords, and a standard mouse.)
  • My PSP and associated cords
  • Spare AA and AAA batteries
  • A tech toolkit (Screwdrivers, pliers, crossover and loopback ethernet adapters, a patch cable)
  • A security live DVD (Backtrack, if you’re curious)
  • My USB watch with portable apps and portable python on it
  • Ubuntu 8.04 and XP install discs
  • My G1 and cordage
  • My Leatherman knockoff

As much as I’d like to keep my Python Cookbook handy, it’s probably 1200 pages too large.