Wuake Update

Seeing as I had a hell of a time finding a good windows version of Guake, I was pretty happy finding Wuake. Since it is running on an older version of Console2, I wanted to update it so that I could have the tabs on the bottom like I wanted, and I wanted to change the keyboard shortcut to something that didn’t clash with Eclipse. Since the download comes with the source, it was trivial to make the small tweaks.

First thing to note, there are a few oddities with it being installed to the Program Files directory to be aware of. First, if you leave it installing there, you need to run the installer as admin, so it can actually write to the Program Files directory. The other thing, is Console2 is erratic about changing settings and not being able to write to console.xml, and lastly, if you want to change the hotkey, you’ll either need to copy and compile Wuake.au3 outside of the program files directory or just install it elsewhere. With that in mind, I moved it out to my home directory (C:\Users\Username\ on windows vista/7), and it worked fine once I updated the start menu shortcut.

Getting Console2 up to date is trivial. Pick up the new version from here and unpack the new Console.exe and *.dll files from the new console2 into the Wuake directory. Don’t overwrite console.xml, or you’ll have to reset the size and opacity. If you’re in userland, you can then tweak things accordingly in the settings menu. If you have it installed in Program Files,  copying the console.xml from Wuake,  running console from userland, setting your options accordingly, then copying console.xml back over works pretty well, if you don’t want to relocate Wuake.

Getting a cygwin tab set up is also pretty trivial, and follows the same process as a normal Console2 install: Under tabs, add a tab, and under shell put “C:\cygwin\bin\bash.exe –login -i” and title it accordingly. If you bump it up to the top, it’ll auto-open Cygwin instead of the windows command line. Nifty.

To change the shortcut, you need Auto-It. It’s free, and handy to have anyway. Then just edit the Wuake.au3 file (Again, be careful of Program Files being a protected directory), and then you can either run it or compile it, and replace the stock Wuake.exe with your new one. The shortcut is right at the top of the file.

To change the shortcut to Ctrl+F12, the line would look like this: $hotkey = “^{F12}”  A full rundown of the keys can be found here. Just note that the modifier keys (+ for shift, ! for alt, ^ for control), need to be outside the brackets for the F12.


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