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On Resolutions

Posted in Rants and Perspectives on January 22, 2010 by chaosincarnate

My resolution this year is to be more social. Not a traditional resolution, but hey, better than my normal resolution of “Keep Breathing.” And, for someone who is generally anti-social, about as likely to succeed as the traditional “Get Fit!” resolution. But hey, might as well.

But hey, I do have a plan at least, which puts me a little ahead.

Step One: Post more to this thing, with my one occasional robot reader. Hell, better than it just sitting on my hard drive, right?

Step Two: Be less elitist in on-line games. I’m typically one of the people who sticks to my friends and avoids the lovely randoms. I should likely at least make an attempt to change that. At best, maybe I’ll meet a few entertaining people, at worst, I’ll have a few more idiot stories and lots of practice with insults. Win-win… mostly.

Step Three: This is where I would say something about being more social in meatspace, but being in the middle of corn, cows, and rednecks, last time I tried that it flew as a shot duck. So we’ll stick to not being antisocial on the tubes, first.

Step Four: Profit? Dunno, but it’s got to be better than the stereotypical basement-dweller having more friends than I do. Though, in my defense, I do have an awesome girlfriend that lives with me, so, point to me.