New Phone!

I’ve got a Motorola Droid now, and I have to admit, I love it. T-Mobile has pretty… well, nonexistent coverage here in the land of corn and cows, so, I got out of that contract, and got a Motorola Droid (My girlfriend has a Droid Eris). It’s a pretty substantial upgrade from the G1, truth be told. The screen is great, the 5-way digital pad is more useful on a touchscreen device than a trackball, in my opinion, the new Google Navigation feature is just epic level awesome, the camera is worlds better (With a flash!), and thank jebus, a flipping headphone jack.

As much as I liked T-mobile, the network is a factor too. Pandora on Verizon’s 3g network is excellent, and I can have it going from when I leave (About 10 miles out of town), for 30 minutes until I get into work, without any skipping or slowdowns at all, Google maps and navigation pull up really quickly, and SSH runs like a dream.

There are some complaints, though. VZW has IRC blocked for some random reason. Haven’t gotten an answer from them yet as to why. There’s also something funny going on with http security certifications I’ve not pinned down yet. (Though, SSL is working perfectly on my machine). I’ve got a workaround for IRC (It involves a bouncer on my home machine, with an odd port and SSL on it.), and the weird security certs are on sites I’m not sure I trust anyway.

Still, it’s nice to have a phone with a network that just _works_ where I live


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