Don’t Worry, I’m from the Internet.

It’s actually really hard to think about what my life would be like without the Internet. Having a month with limited internet made me think about that a lot. And about what the future would look like.

It’s no big revelation to say that we’re an incredibly connected society now. But for me, this is absolutely nothing new. My mom was one of the first webmasters, way back when. I learned HTML before I learned how to multiply.

Hell, I was probably even one of the first kids my age to use e-mail for everything. (My Xbox LIVE Gamertag is off by a few years of my actual age, because I got it when I needed to tweak my age.) And I had other emails before that even.

But there’s more to it than that. Considering how often we moved, and how far away, I don’t really have a home state. I don’t really get attached to places. I’ve taken to defining “Home” as “Wherever I live now.” And you know, I really don’t mind. I love that I moved so much. How many people can say they’ve lived a block from a beach in sunny Florida, and lived in the Mountains. (Rockies FTW).

There was always one thing constant though. The Internet. No matter where we were, I had access to the internet. Not always the greatest, but there nonetheless. I could keep in contact with friends I had to move away from, keep a consistent community of friends around me, all well before the Web 2.0 entered our lives.

Hell, I even owe the love of my life to the Internet. I met her in a crappy chat room I went into because I was bored, and shooting lonely, angsty, bitchy fish in a barrel. Three years later, we’re living happily ever after.

I owe finding people with similar interests, that I never would have found locally. I owe that I wasn’t alone my entire childhood to the internet.

All things considered, I didn’t grow up in Florida, or Nebraska, or Colorado. I grew up on the Internet. And I’m here to help.


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