Rich Web Apps, in Python.

Web apps have always been something I’ve had a lot of difficulty with. I really don’t like Java, largely for subjective and unjustifyable reasons. Also, I work at about 1/8th of the speed in Java. So, looking around online (I think for a much simpler alternative to Django), I run across Jython. Now, considering my poor google-fu, it’s not surprising I didn’t know of this before. But, considering that I frequently have need to write stuff using Java, this is one of the coolest things I’ve found. Especially once I came to the realization that, hey, I can write servlets using this! So, a simple tomcat setup later, I’ve got Python servlets, in a normal Java environment.

But, that alone wasn’t enough to get what I was going for. I had found the Google Web Toolkit before, but that would require me to write tons of code in Java. Which is theoretically possible, but really annoying, and really, really slow for me. This is where Pyjamas comes in. It’s a Python-to-Javascript compiler, with widgets. All in all, fantastically cool. It’s not as far along as the GWT, but still very useful. I’m still learning and working my way around with it, but it looks really promising.


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