Stray bullets and idiots.

Over the last few days in the news here, a large neighboring city (Omaha.) has had several accidental shootings. One was a kid playing soccer, another was a kid sleeping and got shot through the leg.

Now, considering that I’m not a “thug”, I may be missing something. Perhaps it’s hard to shoot while intoxicated. Perhaps I’m just a preturnaturally good shot. But considering that A: I don’t touch firearms very often, and B: I am far from the best shot I know. (I know several people that can knock the nuts off a gnat at range.), I have to come to the conclusion that these people just suck with guns.

One would assume, before whatever half-baked, halfass “gang” said woeful marksmen belong to would have _SOME_ form of accuracy test before they send them out to happily… well, whatever the idiot-speak is for shooting people.

Hell, you don’t have mob hitmen missing the mark entirely and shooting some poor girl through the leg. I mean, isn’t the whole _point_ of a hit to be undetected, leave no evidence, and all that? I’m pretty sure they can match the slug that went through the kids to whatever gun nutless wonder has.

Besides, all wanton inaccuracy does is paint a bigass target on your back. Gangs that don’t, you know, kill innocent people tend to be a lower priority for the police than the gangs that fire randomly and shoot people by accident. Too much of that and you’ll get the citizenry up in arms with shotguns and pitchforks. And then you’ll want to have your sorry ass hauled to jail.

It’s not like it’s that hard to exercise a little control of the firearm, either. If a relatively skinny white boy like me can control the recoil from a handgun, you’d think that some bigass tough gangbanger could. I mean, for fuck’s sake, there are little old ladies that can handle the recoil from freaking shotguns. Don’t tell me some “thug” is too much of a pansy-ass to handle a freaking handgun.

Fuck, with as badly as wanna-be thugs shoot, it’s a wonder the police bother to even put the vests on. Just bring a kid doll with, all the asshats will shoot wildly at that while the police are kicking their asses.

Remember, speed is fine, but accuracy is final. Asshats.


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