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Stray bullets and idiots.

Posted in Rants and Perspectives on May 28, 2008 by chaosincarnate

Over the last few days in the news here, a large neighboring city (Omaha.) has had several accidental shootings. One was a kid playing soccer, another was a kid sleeping and got shot through the leg.

Now, considering that I’m not a “thug”, I may be missing something. Perhaps it’s hard to shoot while intoxicated. Perhaps I’m just a preturnaturally good shot. But considering that A: I don’t touch firearms very often, and B: I am far from the best shot I know. (I know several people that can knock the nuts off a gnat at range.), I have to come to the conclusion that these people just suck with guns.

One would assume, before whatever half-baked, halfass “gang” said woeful marksmen belong to would have _SOME_ form of accuracy test before they send them out to happily… well, whatever the idiot-speak is for shooting people.

Hell, you don’t have mob hitmen missing the mark entirely and shooting some poor girl through the leg. I mean, isn’t the whole _point_ of a hit to be undetected, leave no evidence, and all that? I’m pretty sure they can match the slug that went through the kids to whatever gun nutless wonder has.

Besides, all wanton inaccuracy does is paint a bigass target on your back. Gangs that don’t, you know, kill innocent people tend to be a lower priority for the police than the gangs that fire randomly and shoot people by accident. Too much of that and you’ll get the citizenry up in arms with shotguns and pitchforks. And then you’ll want to have your sorry ass hauled to jail.

It’s not like it’s that hard to exercise a little control of the firearm, either. If a relatively skinny white boy like me can control the recoil from a handgun, you’d think that some bigass tough gangbanger could. I mean, for fuck’s sake, there are little old ladies that can handle the recoil from freaking shotguns. Don’t tell me some “thug” is too much of a pansy-ass to handle a freaking handgun.

Fuck, with as badly as wanna-be thugs shoot, it’s a wonder the police bother to even put the vests on. Just bring a kid doll with, all the asshats will shoot wildly at that while the police are kicking their asses.

Remember, speed is fine, but accuracy is final. Asshats.


When evil and emo collide.

Posted in Rants and Perspectives on May 27, 2008 by chaosincarnate

As much as I try to respect people’s choices, and as much as I tell myself that the stupidity of others doesn’t effect me at all, there are days that the self-pitying, whiny complaining of others just gets to me. Today is one of those days.

Now, I suppose a little background is in order. I’m not typically what sane people call an asshole, but I do have my moments. Hearing someone whine and moan about their life being over because their boyfriend de’jour dumping them, or falsely believing that anyone besides them care about how their little bitch friends are gossiping about them. Well, in my humble opinion, I think that would make some monks forsake their vow of nonviolence and beat the ever-loving snot out of them.

This particular whiny bitch, should have known better than to expect sympathy from me, as we’d been over this before, not a week prior. (Note: I’m using the male form of “whiny-ass bitch” in this case.) When, surprise surprise, his girlfriend-of-the-week before dumped him. Ironically, he was whining about her thinking he whined too much.

Now, ordinarily, I’d have just insulted him a bit, and told him to stop whining before someone found him and broke his fingers, but being in a particularly bad mood, I let him have it with all of the verbal firepower I could muster. Now, it would have been a lot more satisfying to be able to deliver said rant while I was beating the crap out of whiny emo, but, alas, no such luck.

Up until now, nothing out of the ordinary. Certainly noting worth getting a blog over. (Or, had I had one prior, not likely to be posted.) What really burned my ass though, was what came up immediately after.

I’m sure that you’ve heard about the girl who hung herself over the fake boyfriend, and the filing of charges against the (bitch, no bullshit there.) that did that. Now, before I start, I gotta say, that was an incredibly low and evil thing to do. That’s the kind of evil even I think is a bit much.

However, the filing of charges in something like that is absolutely ludicrous. For one, I have a problem with most forms of law that would make “emotional abuse” a crime, for the simple sake of it being completely subjective. For example, what I mean as my general form of sarcastic black humor, others take as completely evil and mean-spirited.

It being online just adds another layer of batshit insane. Think carefully about this: On myspace, if someone is being an asshole, there is a miracle little button known as an “Ignore” (Or block, I never check mine, so I couldn’t tell you which.) button. This, by the magic of the internet, allows comments from someone you deem to be worthy of ignoring, to be magically absent from your inbox.

Or, failing that, you could, you know, ignore them with your brain and just delete the crap before you read it. But that takes effort and stuff, so we’ll go with the former.

Now, the presence of a magical STFU button aside, you _ALWAYS_ have the option of just leaving your computer. Or starting a new email address. Or starting a new myspace account. Or bailing on the cesspool of drama entirely. (Note: Obviously, I don’t like myspace.)

Furthermore, letting someone have that much control over you, where you let yourself be wounded that deeply by someone, is, well, rather weak. Now, I’m not saying you can completely ignore everything, but there is a point where a person should have the strength of self to say: “This person is an asshat.” And just tune them out.

Also, I’m aware there is something mentioned about her being an “outcast” and “vulnerable”. Both of which are utter bullshit. Consider this: I’m an agnostic, tolerant, evil guy, in the land of corn, cows, and Christians. I tend to dress in a manner that freaks people out here. I listen to music that doesn’t go over well with a lot of people here. (Megadeth, older Atreyu, Darkest Hour, In Flames… odds are there’s one there most people will recognize.) And even I can find people here with similar interests. Not many, given. But they exist. I consider myself an outcast. But vulnerable? That’s just a justification of a family’s anger.

This last bit, is probably going to upset some of the more… sentimental and soft-hearted, so, if you fit either, it wouldn’t hurt to stop reading here, as this is basically a rant stemming from my life.

From everything I’ve heard, she was a suburban girl. Now, this is just my deep cynicisim from everyone I’ve known like that… but she probably got most everything she wanted, she had a loving family, she had a whole bunch of stuff that a lot of people I know don’t. And I don’t see them hanging themselves over an asshole. Seriously, at worst, this was a bad breakup. Or a bad prank. Fuck killing yourself. Get even, then move on. Fuck.

This is not a tragedy. Darfur, is a tragedy. Myanmar, is a tragedy. The earthquake in china, tragedy. Some weak-willed, whiny suburban bitch hanging herself? Were the response not so absolutely infuriating, I’d roll my eyes, and move on. Stupid, whiny, bitch + self-termination? Hell, I’d just be sad there wasn’t a real life equivalent of Suicide For Hire, at least that way it’d be ironically painful, and a whole lot funnier.

She’s not a “victim” She was a weak-willed, whiny girl who offed herself over something stupid. If it wasn’t this, it’d be something else.

On new mobile games, and the playing of.

Posted in Gamer, PSP on May 27, 2008 by chaosincarnate

Being a (poor) gamer, when I had a bit of spare money, it was obvious what I would spend it on, a new game system and games. Being as it was a rather small amount, I got a PSP. Along with FFVII: Crisis Core, God of War: Chains of Olympus, and Worms: Open Warfare 2

Being a bit of a tweaker, I also took the trouble of loading custom firmware on it. And I gotta say, I love the hell out of this thing. I don’t have a cell phone, so having the ability to use my skype account out and away is cool… and there’s not much cooler than reading xkcd on something you didn’t think would be suitable for reading a text-based web page. It works the old-school gmail interface quite well too.

Nevermind it making a dandy MP3 player. (I have a Lyra that my Mom inheirited… at least until she gets her PSP)

Also, while I was at it, I picked up a couple of older games to mail off to my girlfriend. (A gamer girlfriend… the gift that just keeps on giving.) God of War 2, and Kingdom Hearts 2… nothing new, but hey, she likes the series, and I could get them. (And she was still complaining that I spent too much. Have I mentioned I love my girlfriend?)

Having little else to do, I’ve already beaten Chains of Olympus, and, while a little short by normal standards (Six hours. But the PS2 games took me ~20, and that’s with 4x the space available. And better hardware to run it on.), but it works perfectly. It’s a hell of a game too.

My favorite of the lot though, is FFVII: Crisis Core. While it’s still not as wide-open as the original was, it allows for _FAR_ more exploration than Dirge of Cerebrus did. And the storyline is rock solid… it’s oddly sad, because the scenes with Aeris (Yes, I know it’s Aerith, but old habits die hard.) are so cute… and you know from the off it won’t end well. Fitting I suppose, that the first game I played that made me cry, had the sequal doing the same. (FFVII was my first serious RPG, and while I was a gamer already, that probably cemented it.) Nevermind the action-rpg style of combat is a whole lot of fun.

This is a good time to be a gamer.